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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kadyn's new trick.

So Kadyn learned a new trick. Acually it would be two tricks. See Kadyns well is male, and when his diaper comes off...well anyone who has a baby boy they know! Well now Kadyns is pretty persistant with this issue of being a boy. Well he learned to take his pants off and his diaper off. Yeah I went upstairs to go to the potty, took me 3 or 4 minutes if that. Came down and Kadyns pants where on one side of the room and his diaper on the other with Kadyn in the middle and he was...makeing sure he was still a boy. I about cried I laughed so hard. Only my little Kadyn would have pants and diaper on each side of a room and he can't even walk.

Kadyn learned something that he likes to do and it's a therapy thing for him. He laughs when you grab him by the hands, and pull him up to sit up. He gets really good head control out of that, which is awesome. I did it a few times until he got frustrated with it and then I stopped. I like to keep him liking it so even if i do it a few times, take a break and do other thigns then come back to it, I think it will be helpful. Kadyn has been lifting his head from being on his belly a lot less lately, and I don't like that.

Kadyn needs a hair cut, Badly. I just don't want to because its winter haha

Kadyn loves to play hard now. He just flings his arms and legs everywhere and he loves to amke noises. Its awesome. I took a video of course!!!! He is soooooo hilarious!!!! You can hear my laughing in it too..oh his pants are off in this video because he took them off before I took the video. Yay for Kadyns new trick LOL. My nephew who is 3 can't even take his pants off! haha
Here is the video

He is silly. Gotta love him though. I am going to go get Kadyn some supper now. Yum Yum. Starwberry Pedisure


Kristen said...

LOL that video is cute! It sounds like he is trying to make music.

Anonymous said...

LOL ~ reminds me of a little baby beatbox guy!!!!

bridget said...

What a happy happy boy! He's getting so big. He just cracks me up. Love the video.

BIKY Η ΜΑΜΑ said...