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Friday, December 5, 2008


Well he is doing good today. He has been playful and in a good mood all day long. He is starting to really find his vocals. He likes to scream and hollar and make all sorts of different noises. It is so darn cute.

His appointment for his shots has been moved up YAY for him, is it now the 22nd of this month instead of the 24th. Which is good because then he wont be all cranky when family comes over. They are making Kadyn get the flu shot, which is horrible because I remember when I got the flu shot I always got the symptoms of the flu. So I am going to stock up on mortrin and Tylenol. Poor baby, I hate putting him through shots but I guess if it makes him healthier. I will do anything in my power to keep my baby healthy as can be. Im lucky that Kadyn has only had a cold once so far this winter season and one ear infection in his life. I am glad that he never had to go through those as a young baby. Hopefully he wont get them again. I know on my side of the family we have ear always had ear issues. I get swimmers ear a lot, well I did, but i havent had it in awhile. Anyways.

We are going to a christmas party tomorrow for the army. I am happy. I get to dress up in a dress nad Kadyn is doing in his christmas sweater. Harvey has to wear his CLass A uniform which is going to look nice! I am happy. I love going to nice little parties. I am going to talk Harvey into taking me to go see my sister. She is 16 weeks pregnant and showing and I want to make fun of her LOL. I am just kidding.

Well Harvey is cooking me some dinner. Yum Yum

Have a good night everyone!!!


ashley besaw said...

hello.. i found your sons blog on yahoo Hydro groups and i thought i would check it out! i also recently found your slideshows on and i am soo intrested in you and your son.. i can really relate to your situation. i am 20 will be 21 in Feb. My son is almost 17mths old and has Cong. Hydro due to A.S. he also has a condition called Goldenhar Syndrome! i think we could relate on many levels! i see that you live in Michigan, well i live in Wisconsin! well if you wanna talk or exchange stories i would be more than happy.. its nice to meet other mommies that know what i am going through!1 btw.. your son is sooo adoriable!!! my e-mail is! hope to hear from you soon!!

lizee1984 said...

Hi...I just wanted to tell you how much comfort you and your son are giving to me right now. I am 26 weeks into my second pregnancy and found out three days ago that my daughter has hydrocephalus. My son who is now 5 1/2 has always been completely healthy thank god. So I expected the same this time. I have been terrified of the possibilities for her but now that I have found your story I know somehow she will be ok. I think you are amazing for the strength and dedication you have for your son. He is beautiful and I can only hope that my baby girl is as lucky as him.

gabriela alvarez said...

hola son unos super papis.los felicito por la fortaleza y la lucha.
tienen un corazon enorme.
besos grandes y sigan siendo cada vez mejor.
gabriela alvarez

BIKY Η ΜΑΜΑ said...

iam very happy that your son is doing well.Have faith and everything is going to be allright
i dont know you but iam thinking of you
sorry for my english you can find me on