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Monday, December 22, 2008

Kadyns Doctors appointment

Well, what a day we had. We left here at about 9...around 930 i look in the back seat and Kadyn was having a seizure, so i dove into the back seat, and I told Harvey that he was having a seizure. He had 2 of them that lasted a minute each and his lips turned blue. We decided to go to his appointment. I told the nurse that Kadyn had a seizure that way we where next in line for the doctor. Well the doctor ended up sending us to the Er. We went down stairs to the ER and that where they decided to go through neurosurgery before neurology. So she came down and told us that she wants x rays and ct scan. Kadyn's head circumference had went up from 49-52 in a month, which his head has been a steady 49 for the past year. So they looked at the X ray and noticed that he had a lot of stool in his tummy. Basically his whole tummy is full. She said that it would probably take 5 really good poops to get it all out. Well, that's what they think is wrong with him. They think because the stool is compressing on the shunt that it isn't draining very well. She thinks once he gets that all out that he should return to his normal self. Well they told me to just get the children's laxative for him and to give him a 1/2 teaspoon twice daily. Other than that she said the shunt looked fine and everything and that there was no need to tap it until they know for sure if it was the stool or not. Seeing as tapping can lead to infection, they didn't want to do that.

So, today was pretty active, but we are all home now and he is being good and happy. I already gave him one dosage of laxative and ill give him his other before he goes to bed. Also the hospital gave us a wonderful gift for Christmas.

That is what they got us. You can click on the hear them sing button and you can hear what they sing. It's the cutest thing ever.


Tara said...

We had the same problem about a month ago with Michelle. It took a couple of days of pooping and wham no problems after that. Even the other night I noticed she hadn't gone in a couple of days and was having issues I gave her some grape juice and later that day she was back to normal. Haha im sure everyone wants to talk about poop right??? Too bad we all do it. lol. I hope the little guy gets better. Grape juice will help too and prune juice if the little guy gets backed up often and the laxative is hard on his tummy which you might see him pulling his legs in pain and screaming until he goes. It's pretty awful to watch. Good luck!

Kristen said...

On one side of it, it's good that his shunt is fine, on the other end, it's awful to be that constipated! No wonder why he hasn't been wanting to eat!! I hope it gets better for him.