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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Good news

Kadyn is feeling tons better. Besides getting 6 teeth in at once. Yes 6, 2 in the back on bottom on each side, 2 in the front on top each said, one on top next to his two front teeth and one on bottom next to his four bottom teeth. Besides all the pain the poor kid is in he is doing really good. Tomorrow we are suppose to to closing on the house. I hope so. I am so desperate to have a place I can call home with my family finally.

Tomorrow Kadyn has a peditricain appointment to get his shots and his flu shot. I am not excited about this. I might just send his daddy to this becuase I haven't been feeling very good at all. Plus he has never gone alone before. The sight of needles, and the sight of my son going through pain makes me feel weak and uneasy. So I don't know.

I am excited Christmas is almost here. I am way stoked that I can finally be with my family and everything. Tomorrow I go get my Christmas Day ham. I am so excited. The only sad part is that I am not going to see my side of the family on Christmas due to them going like an hour away at my sisters. With Kadyn getting shots I don't want to drag him all the way out there, so I will just stay with Harveys family. They have it at Harveys grandmas every year so I already live here so thats good. I got harvey all his gifts. I am excited. I know he will love his gifts this year. I have never been a really good gift giver, I never know what to buy anyone. He pretty much has everything he wants.

We got Kadyn a few rattles for his therapies and we also go him a ball pit. I want ot get him a couple more things, so I am going to go out tomorrow and get him some more things. Maybe a couple outfits or something. I am not sure though. He is getting so many things from my sister and stuff from my my mom grandma and harveys side of the family. I am excited for kadyn. Maybe he will like to rip the paper this year. Of course I am going to take a lot of pictures. I always do.

Well I am going to head to bed now. It seems like I am tired, but who knows. I normally can't sleep this early anymore.

Goodnight everyone