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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Well, today at around 4:00 Kadyn started siezureing. He wasn't coming out of it and ten minutes later i took his temp and it was 101.0 and then his daddy called 911. Well, it was two seconds that they were here and then it was off to the nearest hosptail. Shortly before we were transfered to childrens he stopped breathing and was intubated. He was on 100% oxygen until we got to childrens. He is now on 40%. He is currently in the PICU here and we are awaiting him to come back from CT scan. The nurse is suppose to call me here in the family waiting room. I told them I wanted a phone call. I don't know what is going to happen or what is going on at all. I am completely just in the shadow here. The doctors just know he needs his shunt series. I hope it isn't his shunt, but I don't know what else would cause him to stop breathing like he did. Kadyn has never been intubated unless it was for a surgery. They had a hard time doing it also. HE is heavly sedated and comfortable. Which is a good thing. After his Ct scan and Xrays we will hear from Neurosurgary who will probably want to do a shunt tap. LIke always. I am just soooo upset.

Merry Christmas to everyone btw!

Kadyn started siezureing right before we say down for dinner. His daddy had grabbed him up to do our prayer and harvey look sat me and says he is siezureing, and i was like alright take him upstairs lets try to get him out of it. I grabbed his Diastat, and I knew that it wouldn't work becuase it never has. Well, we waited the 5 minutes before giving it then we waited 5 outta the 15 minutes after because he had a fever. He was seizureing for a total of 45 minutes today. So sad. He had two IO's (bonemarrow iv's) and was poked 10 times until they finally got a line. He has been through so much today, and we will see what is going tohappen next. I will keep everyone updated and I know more. Hopefully it's not his shunt, but its looking like that it is!



Anonymous said...

im keeping Kadyn,you and Harvey in my prayers.

Tyler said...

I am so sorry to hear about Kadyn. I am saying an extra special prayer tonight for you guys and that everything will be okay.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Kristen said...

I am always devastated to hear Kadyn is in the hospital again. You must be feel so frustrated. I'm so sorry. I'm sending you lots of prayers your way.