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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ahhh, Kadyn thinks he can get his why with the Physical Therapist haha

Kadyn, was such a cutie today. He wasn't very nice though. Kadyn hasn't been to therapy in awhile due to illnesses and hospitalizations. Well I was telling his Therapist how wonderful Kadyn has been doing and how he loves to roll over, and lift his head up for a little bit and get on his hands and knees. Well of course, he wouldn't do any of it in front of the therapist. She said she believes that he can do it, but she is going to tell the insurance company that he can't that way he can get therapy longer than 3 months at a time before they need to write for consent. So, I was like thats better for Kadyn. She also brought out what is called a Kid cart. Its this awesome chair that totally supports kadyn sitting up. I loved it, when I saw my big boy sitting up, I cried a little. He didn't like it at first but after he was walked around in it for a little while he was perfect, laughing smiling, talking and just all happy in it. So we are prolly going to get fitted for that and then we will just need a seat to eat in and sit and play and what not.

Kadyn fought with the therapist all day, he wanted to just roll around but she was trying to work with him. She put him on the ball and he tried to roll right off that. He was a monster, but she didn't mind. She just laughed and was glad that Kadyn was fighting and using his muscles to fight her. She was like it's frustrating because he is doing what he wants, but at the same time it's good for him because he is using his thinking skills to try and do things to get away from her and he is using muscles. So I guess he was doing good at being bad lol. He also ate some bites which was awesome. The speech therapist was putting food on his lips and trying to get him to lick it off with just his tounge, but when he took his bottome lip and tucked it in his mouth to get the food off, she was sooo proud. She didn't think he would do that. Niether did I. Also she used this beechnut food that is Organic, and it smells just like real adult food. So goodbye gerber. I'd rather spend the extraw 20 cents, if kadyns going to like and eat it. So I am going to go to target today or tomorrow and get some.

Well thats pretty much all he is napping so I am going to nap now. I didn't sleep good last night. Goodnight LOL!


bridget said...

So glad he's doing so well with his physical therapy. He's growing up so fast!