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Monday, January 12, 2009

Its 1am

My nieghbors machine is beeping like crazy. How annoying. I hate these machines. Computers, monitors is the word I was looking for. Kadyn is sound asleep but I am too stressed to sleep. What if he seizes again in his sleep. What if he throws up again? He hasn't done either in 10 hours but still, I'm worried. I am so tired of being here and being with all these poor sick children. It's great place, but I am over it. I need a break from this place. I need a break from ambulance rides. I am telling you there are some drivers that just are crazy. Well, at least I think going 90 down the freeway is a bit nuts, especailly when my son is stable. Though they want him transferred priority 1, doesn't mean ya have to make me have a heart attack before we get there. So here we are.

Kadyn's Csf came back Negative. Tomorrow we speak to Neurology, and see what they want us to do. His Dilantit levels were low again so, I don't know if they are going to take him off the medication and put him on a new one, or if they are just going to keep him on Lamictal and Keppra, or if they plan on adding another one. I have no clue what is going to happen at this point. I won't know until tomorrow. I hope I know before 6pm, that way I have a ride home. Harvey has school tomorrow, and its his first day in that class so he kinda has to go. Ugh. I miss having my own vehicle. I really do, but what can ya do. We are suppose to be moving on Friday or Saturday. I'm excited, except I haven't packed anything at all. NOpe, I haven't had time, Kadyn has been liking this stupid hospital for awhile.

So here I am, I can't sleep and I am thinking about breakfast already. Shows u that I haven't eaten anything. Nope nothing. I couldn't eat, everything sounded blah. OH well.I drank alot of water though. Water was good. Prolly the best thing you can get in this place is the water, well u can pay 90 cents for a bag of potato chips. They used to be 50. Oh well.

Anyways. I will be glad when Kadyn hits a point where he stays outta the hospital for along time. I will be glad when Kadyn tells me what hurts and what doesn't.

I am going to try and lay down now I think. Ugh


Sweetest Girl in the World said...

I'm sorry Kadyn and you are back in there again. That really stinks. Kadyn's so lucky to have you as his mom because you have that intuition and know when something's wrong. Also, you're so quick to respond, I really question my ability to have that type of intuition and responsiveness. You're doing a great job and I will definitely pray that he stays out of the hospital for a while! You both need a good long rest from doctors and nurses and beeping!

bridget said...

You can tell that you've spent a lot of time at that hospital if you've seen the price of chips rise 40 cents! Hang in there. We're all praying for little Kaydn.