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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kadyn likes to IMitate me laughing.

Kadyn is so funny! He is in such a good mood today. Tomorrow I am going to call to get him evaluated for the Port surgery. I had a ton of good feedback from it, both on and offline. I think it's whats best for Kadyn in his situation. I don't want him to go through hour long seizures anymore. I really don't want to put him through another surgery but it will help him in the long run. I have saline flushed and hep-locked iv's before. anyways I put a picture of Kadyns puppy up. She is the best dog I have ever gotten, she doesn't bark, she doesn't get rough, she doesn't chew anything that isn't hers, and best of all she does not beg at all. 

Here is a video of Kadyn being silly


Anonymous said...

He is such an absolute DOLL! I just love his dirty little pedialyte-spotted face ~ he can even make dried crusty food look unbelievably CUTE and precious! It's always a highlight of my day to see a post with Kadyn well and being a ham for the camera.
I wonder if any neurology institutes in MI have support group information that you might find helpful?

Hamza Zakir said...

Hi im new to your Son is soooooooooooo cute! God bless him....i was wondering if you could tell me wht Port surgery was?...actually my son (who was also born with hydrocaphlis) has a hard time with needles to...and he has seizures as well.....maybe it could be something for my baby....up to now my son has had 6 surgeryz he is 5 old is your baby?......does your son move a whole lot? my baby doesnt....that worries me....or is it like that in the begning and it gets better.....if you dont mind please answer...thanks

Hippomandak said...

Kadyn is just too cute. Eventhough he's a little messy in this pictures. Still he's an eye candy to look at!