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Friday, February 13, 2009

Ahhh Kadyn

She never leaves his side!! She loves him!

He is going to have  busy weekend. This afternoon Kadyn will be going to his Nana's and great grandmas house to spend the night then to my moms house saturday to spend the night with her and his papa and uncle Bobby. Do I like the fact that he is staying over night there, NO. Why? I worry a lot. I get less sleep then when Kadyn is here, but I don't want to keep him home and away from his other family other time. I promised Kadyn that I would do my best to treat him like a child with no disabilities. I am trying. His nana and great grandma lives 3 blocks over, so thats not so bad and my mom lives in the same city as I do but on the other side. It takes 5 minutes to get there. So I mean it's not so bad. I am just a worry bird I guess. I know they all know my one rule, if Kadyn seizures call 911 than call me. Thats my biggest rule. It's easy for me to make up his medication bottles and stuff for everyone. NO problem.  I think any mom would worry about their "normal" child going away from the night.

I have a new craft love. I make things out of beads. Like animals, flowers, dinosaurs, flags. I just got really into them. I was thinking about selling them for like a dollar each or so. It takes me up to an hour to make one of these, plus most of them uses over 100 beads. I am unsure yet if I am going to do that or just make them and hang them around the house and give them away to people. I can do names too. It's time consuming yes, but i love it! I went to JoAnn Fabrics today, that place is my downfall. I could spend all my money there. I bought Kadyn a new fleece for me to tye and sew. I am excited!!!

This is a took 142 beads and one hour :-)

This I made for Harvey. It's and Army flag thing. It took me 2 hours...and 256 beads. 

I love these. The blanket I will take a picture when I am done, but of course it has dinosaurs on it. Also got Kadyn a couple summer outfits and some socks seeing as he likes to take them off and throw them places :-).
I love my little love bug!


Anonymous said...

Be a worry bird ~ you're a mommy. That's how it goes... but let me also say, you're a GOOD mommy, and not much different from many other mammas I've seen in life... So enjoy your free time!

Hippo said...

Happy Valentine's day Kadyn! My thoughts and prayers are with you always!