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Saturday, February 7, 2009

My attitude paid off

We are home! They sent us home around noon. I was happy. Kadyn is in a better mood. I have to call on monday to get Kadyn's port surgery scheduled. I'm happy. I went downstairs to the cafeteria to eat breakfast. I smiled at everyone and waved and said hello to everyone. I felt good. I laid back down to nap while Kadyn was napping and the nurse woke me up and said YOU ARE GOING HOME! i was excited! 

So here we are home. Kadyn is on a new medication until his Ketogenic diet kicks in

Everything is looking up :-)


Kristen said...

That's fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Kadyn and you are home. That is a small, yet sweet victory. You've won so many battles in the last, what - 19 months?? Sorry I do not have the exact numbers..... I follow your blog as I have time ( & if I could give you more time & Kadyn more of my health, believe me you'd have it!). In less than 2 years you've pretty much moved mountains, sparked universes, and wished the moon down for little Kadyn. The universe doesn't always conform to our wants, but there is a maxim that, 'it's the tendency of our thoughts that determine the outcome..' you have been such a good mommy to Kadyn and I believe it's that same mindset that pulls him thru all his trials... well, those are my are my thoughts, anyway. Huggs to you, daddy, and Big K. And Corona :-)

Yanely said...

thats great to hear.
ive been following up on your blogs whenever i have a chance. and everynight before i go to sleep i pray for Kadyn, and you and i know that everything is in Gods hands. and God is seeing how much you believe in him, and the faith you have; he will grant you your wish, of you and Kadyn being happy at home together. (: God bless you and Kadyn.

bridget said...

So glad you both are finally home. I know you must be feeling much better to be in your own bed. I'm still sending you and Kadyn many positive thoughts and prayers that all continues to be good.

Hippomandak said...

This is such a good news!!! Congratulation and I will keep sending all my prayers to Kadyns!