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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Waking up

This morning, I decided that no matter what I am going to smile. I am going to walk around this hospital like it's home to me. I am going to just embrace this time and enjoy what I can. I am going to go downstairs, eat breakfast, and sit in the cafeteria. That is going to be my breaks. Eating. (i need to eat better while I am here also) 

There is one thing I need to teach my little Kadyn though, that he just isn't so little anymore. He is trying to fit sideways in the bed, and he is just too big. He gets stuck. He is rolling all around his bed though.

Well it is time for my to go downstairs and eat some food. I'm hungry!


Hippomandak said...

Hey Kadyns mommy, I had a shock when I was blog hopping today and found your blog. I have 2 girls age 2 and 4 yrs old and they both had Hydrocephalus. My eldest name is Kaydine. (this is not a joke!Sounds the same as Kadyns)And she had Communicating Hydrocephalus. My 2nd baby's name is Khalean and she had congenital Hydrocephalus. Kaydine had no developement delayed and it's not till she took a fall that required scan then only we found out about 2 yrs ago, she acts normal and attend normal kindergarten, Khalean we discovered since she's in the womb and was operated for VP shunt at 4 mth. The only problem with her now is she can't really walk (very wobbly)yet and we brought her to rehab therapy as much as we can.
So, pls hang in there. I know how you feel in the JAIL too. I will pray for Kadyns. Feel free to visit my blog at

I'll be more than happy to link you up. Stay strong!

Kristen said...

Wow, what an amazing attitude Sarah!! You impress me!! What an example this is to all of us that has (or will) ever been in an exhausting situation.