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Saturday, March 21, 2009

my little booger head

Kadyn is just taking off... Today he looked at my nose and reached straight for it. Instead of feeling around and poking me in the eye a couple times, he reached straight for the nose. I'm so proud. It's like all the fluid in the back of his head was probably preventing him from focusing on things. Wow. He also learned that he can blow up with like his bottom lip over the top and his hair will fly up. He does that all the time now. We are currently teaching him to wave. He kinda has is down but he gets a little confused and starts moving his whole arm up and down instead of his fingers. He laughs about it. We also got him to do the whole indian call where you pat you mouth and just make a noise... His dad taught him that (dad=native american indian) He loves doing that. Peek a boo being his favorite. he will cover his eyes with blanket then his mouth. We are currently trying to teach facial features now. LIke we tell him find mommys nose and he will... then I will say find your nose and he will. We are working on mouth now. He is doing ok with it, but still gets a little confused and will touch the nose. I will just say no no Kadyn and say mouth as i bring his hand to my mouth and then his. I have decided to try and teach him the meaning of no. It's hard but after saying no a couple times he will shake his head no and stop doing what he was doing. So I'm sure you're wondering, what possibly could a child who can't walk or crawl do something wrong. Well, He rolls, under the couch i tell him no and put him on his blanket. He will grind his teeth i tell him no and point to his teeth and give him something to chew on. I say no in a stern voice so he can tell the difference. Not mean but just a little more stern. He also squirts his bottle all over. Seeing as he get his medication in a bottle I can have this. So I will say no and take it away. He doesn't like that, when he cries I will put it in his mouth. (he has stopped squirting the bottle everywhere) He is learning what no is, but it's still a teaching process. I promised myself that I would treat Kadyn as if nothing was wrong with him. I would let him go to his grandmas to spend the night, My thought about that is, Both grandparents live with in 3 minutes of me, one being just on the other side of this small city and the other being 5 blocks over. They can just as easily pick up the phone and call 911. As I can be to the house before or just as the ambulance it pulling up. I also leave them all with paperwork stating all of Kadyns conditions and everything that they ask when they come to the door and all his grandparents have to do is hand over the paper. Plus my mom is authorized to sign for any procedure to be done, and she knows them all. I am a worry bird all night, but seeing as I am pretty much to only parent who takes care of Kadyn, I feel it's best that I get a break sometimes. It's hard, I have a hard time letting him go there because I feel if something happens I should be there, but the place I go out to is right down the street from my moms (3 blocks away) I love my little guy. I am also teaching him about Korona out dog. I'm trying to teach him the word dog. I am teaching him that he can pet her but not hit or pull anything on her. If you notice in his last video he likes to hit himself. As we are trying to stop it, they think it's a sign of autism. They will test him at an older age.  (he has been showing lots of signs of autism) Well when Korona will lay next to him he will kick her and smack her... she takes it, doesn't budge but still, when he is able to sit up and everything I want him to be nice to her. I feel since he is learning so much I should try and just keep teaching him basic things. Being nice, learning the meaning of no so he doesn't roll under the couch while I walk away for a minute. (thats scary and yucky) He also kicks his crib and bruises his ankles. I just don't want him to hurt himself. He has bruises on his head from picking it up and slamming it down, that I don't say no too but when i see him pick his head up i put my hands under it so when it goes down it doesn't hurt, or even a pillow I use to. I like when he lifts his head, and I praise him and go YAY!. He has learned that clapping can be a praise and it's fun. He is amazing me. My next adventure maybe after his second birthday is to try and teach him to point to what hurts. I don't know how, but I am going to research it and try. LIke when he has a headache I want him to point to his head or put his hand on his head when I ask what hurts. I figure by teaching him body parts and then teaching him the meaning of no first, will really help me in this one. I'm on a mission to teach him to say more words and learn meanings of things now. First I wanted him to be able to hold his head up and now I realize that his head is just too heavy for his small body. He was born with a larger head and tiny body and he has some catching up to do, which he is just now catching up on, So give it time and he will be an average sized child I believe. Right now he is below average. 20 months in size 9-12 month clothes.  He is smaller than any of the children in our family, not only because he is the youngest and has health issues but he was tiny at birth. He weigh 7lb. 11 oz, but the estimated that his head weighed like 3lbs. Which he would of been 4lb. 11 oz give or take. Preemie clothes where too big on him. I got build a bear clothes for when he was born. He was tiny. I had a 2 vessel umbilical cord  when a normal one is 3 vessels. He was tiny little boy. He is just catching up. He was in newborn clothes until he was almost 4 months old. Newborns and 0-3 months. Then he started to grown at the age of 12 months he had finally reached 6-9 month clothing... and then he got into 9-12 month just recently..and we are slowly going into 18 month clothes. His diaper size he can still fit into a 3 but they are tight around the legs so now he wears a 4... sometimes a 5 because i bought the wrong size diaper and didn't want to take them back lol. Well this post turned into a really long one :-) i am going to try and catch some sleep. Kadyn will be up in a couple hours...

Goooooodddd nniiiiggghhhtttt <3


Anonymous said...

Wow can I relate to the issue of my 14-month-old being nice to the doggie... my little one is always such a terror to our dog... and the dog just takes it all like a saint. I try to show by example and also by nicely but firmly telling the baby about not pulling his ears, grabbing his nose, grabbing his tail, poking his eyes, biting his toes, etc. etc., ad nauseum... My guy is really a sweet child for the most part, and does also try to cuddle with the dog... but when he gets in the mood to terrorize Wiley - - oh man. I think for the most part Shay just is looking for the reaction he gets from the dog - he thinks it's funny to hear the yelp or see him jump away. We will continue working on it - but pls be aware Kadyn is really not alone or in any way unusual in his shenanigans!!