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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh man :-(

Kadyn isn't acting like himself at all. I am worried. My mommy alarms are going. I know he just had surgery Monday, but he isn't feeling good at all anymore. He was doing just fine, happy and playing and then BAM he is sleeping all day, and all night, only eating maybe once a day. I am calling the neurosurgeons office on Monday. If he shows any signs of seizures I am going to take him into the hospital tonight. He has just been sleeping. Friday after sleeping through the night he woke up at 7...went back to sleep at 9 till noon, woke up till 1 then slept until 5 then when back to sleep at 9 until NOON this afternoon!!! Now he is sleeping again. He has only eaten once today and that was  half a bottle. 

I need a break..wait no KADYN needs a break poor baby :-(


Anonymous said...

Hey - don't discount your mommy-alarm. Stay on top of everything and make sure if you are actually admitted it gets documented. And the then too - - he just may need to be catching up on rest. Hard to say... but don't be afraid to speak up!!!!!

SarahinNZ said...

Aw poor wee man. i just found your blog through a video on youtube of kadyn as a baby. he's just gorgeous! that smile captured my heart. I hope he feels better soon. dont dismiss your mommy-alarm either. they arte amazingly accurate.
much love from New Zealand,

Kristen said...

I hope it's nothing that needs hospital care!! I would like to see you be able to have those 2 months of normal you mentioned before!

Sweetest Girl in the World said...

When those mommy alarms go off, they go off for a reason! But, I hope this time you can hit snooze! Like another commenter, I hope he's just catching up on some rest.

Keep us posted!

Cat said...

I have to tell you Kadyn is adorable. his smile makes my heart melt! Hopefully he's just catching up on some much needed rest.
My daughter (she's 2) saw him on the screen as we were watching the video and she smiled really big and said "awwww! he's cute!" lol

I will be praying for him and for you. I hope he's feeling better. :D