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Friday, March 13, 2009

I want it to be summer and Kadyn does too.(he told me)

This cold weather is such a downer. Kadyn is just doing so amazing. He is learning so much so fast lately. He is clapping really super fast. He learned a new word. He says Bye bye bye. It is so cute how he says it. He has also kinda learned what No is. He was hitting himself a lot lately and I will stop him and say no no no. Well he has learned to just stop on his own when I simply say no no no. He will also turn his head really fast when he wants to say no. It's cute. He has learned to eat a little better with a spoon. I am increasing his intake 2 bites a day. He is on 8 bites a feeding. He sometimes makes it but sometimes doesn't. I am not going to increase anymore until he can eat it for more than 3 days. He is back to sleeping through the night. YAY. He is amazing. Anyways. Here is some funny pictures

This is what Kadyn looks like after drinking chocolate pedisure

He needed a bath and got one <3


Kristen said...

We are ready for summer too!! It was depressing to wake up this morning with frost all over the car windows!