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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh my...the never ending phone calls


I thought I would never be done with all of Kadyn's appointments. The only one I haven't made yet is the pediatrician and thats because There were no openings for this month, but she said to try back every week until I get an appointment, she said an opening might happen.  If not he won't get in until May which is okay as long as he gets in. All of his appointments are on different days of course. LOL I like to take first available for every one. It is okay though because I don't live that far from the hospital. The only other appointment left is Cardiology and that isn't until July. Other than that I am set.  Thank goodness. I just need to get Kadyn's shots up to date. I hate telling them no when ER doctors ask and them looking at me funny, and then asking me if I don't believe in giving shots, and then I have to explain to them that the last 3 times that I've taken Kadyn to get caught up, he starts seizing in clinic. Oh boy. 

So today, Kadyn has pretty much slept all day. It doesn't help that he woke up at 3 am wanting to play. I am wondering who taught him that 3 am is play time. So he didn't go back to sleep until around  8ish and woke up to eat and get his diaper changed then right back to sleep just now. Silly little boy. 

Thursday it's suppose to be 60 outside, so I am going to take Kadyn for a walk at the park. That ought to be really nice. I love going to the park. I will take pictures why I love this park so much. It's absolutely beautiful. 

Well I think I am going to get a nap in while Kadyn is sleeping now. I was up with him too and I am tired as can be! 


Liv from Norway 14 years said...

Oh, he is so sweet :)

Kristen said...

I agree, how can you not love that face?! Adorable!

A walk in the park sounds fabulous! 60 degrees sound fabulous also. I am so ready for it to warm up and stay warm.

I look forward to seeing your park pictures.