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Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh kadyn...Oh Korona

Both of my children are on medication LOL. Kadyn is on 4 medications and Korona is on antibiotics. She had a reaction to her stitches that were in her from her spaying. So I am trying to keep up with giving both of them medications. I swear my dog is like another child. She is also special needs. She suffers a brain injury that they believe was there at birth. She is going to get a free C.T scan or MRI. Not sure which one, to see what it could be. They mentioned a bunch of things, and when they came to hydrocephalus I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME! She was like what is wrong. So of course I went into bragging about Kadyn. She was like what are the chances. I told her that GOD must really have plans for me. I will find out more late. I guess I'll have to change my blog to Korona's and Kadyns struggles with Hydrocephalus LOL!  So we will see. There isn't anything they can do for a dog with her condition and her life expectancy isn't very long if she has it. The other option is that it is a birth defect of some sort and that she can live with it, but she will just be a little off. She remembers commands and listens very well, she also is completely potty trained. Also if it wasn't for her, when Kadyn started seizing the other day, I wouldn't of saw it as quick as I did. I was watching a movie and I thought Kadyn was sleeping. Korona came over to me and started nudging me and whining at me. I asked her if she had to go outside and she just kept whining and nudging and I looked up and saw Kadyn. This dog has had no training or anything. She just sensed that something was wrong I guess. Thank goodness. Korona is awesome!

Kadyn doesn't seem to have any other side effect from the medication except drowsiness. Which is okay because he gets it before bedtime. So, I am suppose to give it to him right before he goes to sleep. 

We are going to go for a walk tomorrow. Kadyn me and Korona. Harvey is suppose to pick up his stroller from Kadyn's great grandmas. I am still trying to figure out what is going on with Kadyn's chair and stroller and bath seat. I am thinking that is taking longer because Kadyn's chair had been changed.

Tomorrow I am going to go to Meijer and print out some pictures of Kadyn. I never did finish his Newborn book. It was kinda hard to do it while in the hospital, so I am going to do it before kadyns second birthday.


Kristen said...

What a special dog!! I am glad you have him. He's with the perfect mama.