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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shhhh listen, can you hear that....No...thats perfect!

No screaming tonight. At all. He played until he fell asleep. Are you kidding me. Silence :-) YAY! Checked made sure he was okay, then I put his blanket over him and put his favorite glowworm in his bed and he just fell asleep playing with him glowworm. I was so surprised. I went upstairs to clean the kitchen floor, and I kept opening his door to listen for him. He talked to his glow worm for a bit then I didn't hear anything, and of course I got nervous. He should be screaming by now. He was asleep.  I was really worried when I found him sleeping in a "normal" position. LOL! 

Oh  and I gave him a laxative..and he was in a good mood all day. Thank you for the suggestions!!! I think i went through 5 diapers in 30 minutes LOL! Thank you!!!

I am going to have some news here. It's a secret right now, but I sure think it is fun to keep you on your toes. 

So it's almost April...3 month until Kadyn's 2nd birthday! How exciting. If you want an invitation email me your address and I'll send you an invitation with directions to my house and everything. Kadyn's 2nd birthday is going to be big dinosaur themed party. It's going to be outside but if you have a child you are more then welcome to go inside, though our backyard is shaded by a pine tree. Also there will be swimming and I am thinking about playing some games for prizes. Not sure yet. Yes I am planning it now, because it's going to be huge. I like to get things done early so I don't have to worry about them. I am thinking I am going to hand make his invitations just like I did his baby shower invites. No gifts needed at all. He has everything, plus my family will still buy him soooooo much stuff, even if i tell them not to, they don't listen LOL! There will be a lot of kids there and they will all get a prize. 

Well thats all for tonight. I am going to write down all the plans I have for Kadyns party. I just ate a whole box of Milk duds so i am duded out LOL!



Anonymous said...

How exciting!! Kadyn's turning 2 so soon!! I'm excited just reading about it -- and must comment that you must be so much more organized than me with your baby stuff... am starting to worry that before I know it Easter will be here and I won't have my monkey's bunny basket ready!!! Have fun making the invites!! Sure wish I could drop in and bring him a present... but I live in California. Here's hoping for a nice quite and happy evening for Kadyn and mom.
Oh - - if you need a regular laxative for K. try Maltsupex; it's a natural barley-based lax. that tastes malty - put it in choc. milk and it tastes kind of like Ovaltine. I used to have to use it for my daughter when she was a baby for chronic constipation and it worked like a charm. (plus it's natural so you don't have to worry about long-term use being harmful).

Liv said...

Hey :)
I watched your video on youtube about Kadyn, and it was so
touching.. I started to cry.
- I hope he is ok now.
I am a girl who is 14 years old from Norway.
Sorry if I wrote wrong, but Im not good in English xD

- Have a nice day.

Ps; my blog is ;

Juh said...

I watched your video on youtube; you're baby is really really really handsome!

God bless you!