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Thursday, March 5, 2009

So yea...

Kadyn has been very sleepy the last couple days. Now most people would say oh it's because Kadyn has such a bad day on Monday. Well, normally, Kadyn has his seizure and he is only sleepy for that day. He should already be his normal self. It's very weird. He has been sleeping since 3pm and it is now 6. He slept at the hospital which that was around 10. He slept until 11 when we had to put him in the car. They didn't even do anything with him but look at him, and he slept through it all (hehe). 

I am going to call and make his neurosurgery check up appointment, also needs a pediatrition appointment and Neurology appointment. I will work on those tomorrow. 

I guess I will keep an eye on him for a couple days and see if he gets better or worse. My job never ends LOL (it wont ever end either :-)   )