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Monday, April 13, 2009

Cayman and an Update on Kadyn

Please pray for one of Kadyn's little hydro friends Cayman. She is currently in the hospital for a shunt revision. Please pray for a speedy recovery!

Kadyn has not been himself lately. He has been sleeping alot and been very moody. He is still eating but not holding his bottle on his own anymore. He can still be happy and smiling when he is awake. I am hoping it is his teething but we have an appointment with Neurosurgary tomorrow to get everything checked out. So he will be getting Ct scan and xrays. He said if he doesn't find anything on those and he is still acting up he will do an MRI, and last a shunt tap. They don't like doing shunt taps if he isn't showing any sign of infection because they can cause infection. So he said as long as he isn't showing any sign of shunt infection that they will tap it last. Doesn't help that I deicded to run into my wall and pass out for like a minute then wake up an get sick. Ugh, So now I feel bad, and Kadyn is happy as can be, which I'm thankful because he is keeping me awake as I wait for Harvey to get home to help with kadyn. My head hurts.

I have a video of him today right before I hit my head!

He was just saying mama a lot haha!

Also he has learned to throw is toys up and over his crib. Since Kadyn can't sit up or pull himself up we still have his crib bed up. I am thinking about putting his bed into a toddler bed. His bed turns into a toddler and up to a full size bed. His toddler bed still has bar all the way across it, but I won't have to put down his side rail to get to him, which I think when he is siezureing it would be a million times easier to grab him up and take him into the living room to give him the medication he needs.

Well I am going to rest now. :-)


Stephanie said...

Hopefully it has nothing to do with his shunt and that the doctor can figure out whats going on. And hope you get to feeling better. I bet you have a nice bump on your head from that

Mym said...

aw Kadyn is such a beautiful baby and your blog is lovely too.
i hope you are doing better by now.

Anonymous said...

So cute. How has his eyesight been appearing lately??