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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The silly of the silliest lil boy

Today I got to sleep in. I got to go out last night and have a girls night. Kadyn's daddy stayed home and played with him. So I was out LATE! Haha. I slept in and woke up and went to Kadyns great grandmas for dinner. Kadyn and daddy were already there. He was even nice enough to leave me the key to the vehicle and they walked there. She lives like 3 blocks away. 

We left Kadyn with his great grandma for a couple hours because she wanted to spend time with him. 

Kadyn was trying to hold his head up today. Thank goodness. It seems like everytime he starts to hold his head up he has a seizure and then he just stops. Lets hope he doesn't have a seizure!!!

Tomorrow I need to call on a pediatrician appointment and thursday is Kadyns surgery appointment. I hope the doctor is able to access the port and draw blood from it. I hate how sometimes things just don't work. Of course it isn't the doctors fault that his port malfunctioned. It just upsets me that he might have to go through this again.

OH well...


Kristen said...

That was very thoughtful and sweet of Harvey to leave you the vehicle.

I pray they can access the port too.