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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Kadyn didn't stay awake for the Mothers Day dinner lol. As you can see he had some of his dinner and past out :-).
So I am Pleased to annouce that it's been OVER a month since Kadyn's last seizure!!! He has been doing soo good. Today he held his head up for 2 minutes. He isn't really interested in holding his head up much so I've been working with talking a lot more. I am trying to teach him to say dog but instead of dog he goes AHHHHHH. He has learned to whisper and he loves it! When I whisper dada he will whisper it right back then scream it. He is also into screaming his little head off. He will scream then laugh. I taught him to wave bye bye too. He does it sometimes but not very often. He has yet to army crawl again. I am hoping he will again soon. Today we worked on holding his head up. I put him on his butt and held him there and he held his head up and looked around. I tried to dangle toys in front of him and he wasn't interested. Another thing he did today that made me happy is that he used his eyes to find me and not just his hands. It was amazing!! To actually see him look me in the eye smile then poke me in the eye. I have never been so happy to be poked in the eye LOL!
He has been doing really good. I still have yet to find an amazing topic to blog about but this is good enough :)
I am going to get a hot fudge sundae!


Anonymous said...

I just LUV that lil guy!!! And you are such a good mom to stay on top of the PT exercises :-)