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Friday, May 15, 2009


Ok, Kadyn will wake up in the middle of the night...clap and start saying words he BABA is most I usually go get him a baba but he falls back asleep before I even get it to him. ANyone else ever seen this in their children or anyone they know? It's kinda weird.....


Tara said...

Michelle does this all the time. If you go in and ask him if he wants the bottle before you get it for him it may keep him awake before he has the option to fall back to sleep. And it will give you 5 extra minutes of cuddle time!

jessika said...

hey kady's mommy! i saw your video, in youtube... im really happy fou you and your baby!

sorry about my poor english, i'm from brazil...

i'm just VERY HAPPY to know that kadyn is ok, and i had to tell you that!

good luck for your family.



Anonymous said...

hi ! my name is Mayra and I live in Argentina. One year ago, I saw your video on Youtube and it took my heart. Often, I look at the pictures of your baby here in , and I can't believe how beautiful and healthy he is. You're and inspiration for all the mothers in the world, when I was a mother I want to be like you !
I'm very sorry for my english.

A lot of kisses for you andd little Kadyn :D.

Mayra, from Argentina :)

Anonymous said...

i just love Kadyn.i have seen your videos on youtube, i wanted to know how is the little one <3. i can not belive how big is he. here`s my YM, if you ever want to talk to me:
kisses to Kadyn, good luck!
Patricia, from Romania.