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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Moving out?

I know I said I was moving back into my parents house a few posts ago. Well, we ran into a little bit of a problem that is delaying me from moving back. Well 2 problems.

#1 My mom and dad are currently redoing th house, painting, stripping paint from cabinets, redoing the floors, and other stuff that I forgot. So me moving back in would put me and Kadyn in the way because of course they can't paint while Kadyn is there, and they can't use paint thinner to strip the paint while Kadyn is there. So I figured I'd wait until they were done.

#2 Kadyn would no longer have his own room there as they turned that room into my dad's tv room. He already has all his old army things and my brothers army things up on the walls. So we would both have to squeeze in my room, which would be very much impossible. So I do have an option though. When my brother leaves to go overseas again in December, I could move back in then because he has the basement and that would be more then big enough for Kadyn and me.

Either way things are going good around here. People are getting along more and I think things are finally starting to just smooth out. The only issue is that some people have no respect for others when they are sleeping. I am pretty much talking about when Kadyn is sleeping. It really bugs me and I am always asking nicly please keep it down. Please turn the music down, please stop pounding your feet. It's hard. I sometimes just want to explode and yell at everyone, but then I think, what is that going to solve but make me look like a totally mean person. Then we had one issue where my room mate parked behind me in the driveway and left and didn't leave me keys to move her car. I simply called her and told her she can't do that because what if there is an emergancy with Kadyn. I told her to at least leave me her spare key so her car can be moved. Sometimes I think that it's common sense but then they haven't lived with Kadyn that long to actually think about these things. So I just try and explain the things that they need to think about. It's hard.

Kadyn is doing really good though. He is right now making a ton of noise and playing. He is saying dadadadadadada and nananananana. He is silly. He has really come along. Trying to hold his head up even more. He is holding it up longer and longer everyday. We work with him until he gets really frustrated. This normally take 10-20 minutes. Then we just cuddle until he gets mad about that, then onto the floor he goes to play with his toys. Oh, TOYS! He has been playing with his toys more often. Just ones that make a noise when you shake them, or have a big button that he can press to make them make noises. So he has been shaking and pushing and laughing a lot.

I also notice when Kadyn is just laying there and it gets quiet he will bust out laughing for NO reason at all. It's really cute! haha!