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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Now what am I suppose to do??

These past 2 months have been sooooo boring! I didn't realize how much I'd loved being bored until now. I have finally made it to my goal of 2 months of a "normal" life!!! YAY! I didn't realize how much the hospital consumed my life until now! I am so happy to report that Kadyn has been 2 months seizure free with no signs of any seizure happening anytime soon! I haven't even had the feeling that it is going to happen either.  Things have been great. Kadyn is really just thriving now. I really love waking up to him each morning in MY OWN HOUSE! It feels great. His grandma is going to be taking him one day this weekend. She hasn't had him in awhile and is really missing him. She has been really missing Kadyn living there (more than me lol!) with her. Since Kadyn and I lived there for a year after he was born she got used to him being around all the time. Now that he isn't it's so much easier for me to get her to take him when I need a break and daddy isn't around. I am truly lucky that my family and his daddy's family have truly responded to Kadyn's needs in a positive way. Harvey's grandma truly has gone above and beyond when we need a little help. She has bought diapers, and wipes and clothes...oh my goodness has she bought clothes. She also bought kadyn a expensive pair of shoes so he would look good! I am just so pleased with the way everything has been going! Kadyn's second birthday party is approaching quickly. I am so excited to announce that Kadyn is going to be 2! In your faces negative doctors!!! HA! Ohhh if they could see you now Kadyn. 

I just don't understand how quickly Kadyn has grown.

He has gone from


It really looks like two different babies, but it's not. I'll never forget the first time I saw him. I looked past his big ol noggin and just looked into his big beautiful grey eyes (they were this dark grey at birth) and I knew nothing else could even hold my heart as much as he did. His lips were just too cute and them cheeks. Oh those pinch able cheeks. I get so many compliments on how cute Kadyn is and everything from everyone who walks by him atleast. Let me tell you, boy do I feel like a proud mama walking my 2 year old around and just getting awwws and smiles. 

I was at the grocery store the other day, buying yummy junk food. I had Kadyn in his stroller laid all the way down and a little boy... maybe 5 came up to me and was like excuse me but how old is baby. I said he is 2, and then the little boy asked me why he wasn't walking. I thought about the answer for a couple seconds, and I just said he is still learning how to do this things you know how to do. He will be with in time. The little boy just said Ok he is cute and walked over to his mom. I didn't feel it woulda been right to sit there and explain why Kadyn isn't walking to a little 5 year old.

Other than that everything has been good. I found out my brother is getting deployed again in December. The only good thing about his job is that he sits in an office all day doing nothing. He doesn't see any fighting or anything like that.  Harvey gets deployed in Feb. That is going to be a really rough time for Kadyn and me. It will be hard.

Well I think I need to head to bed, no sleep in 2 days is starting to kick in. 



Anonymous said...

Wow what a difference!

Kristen said...

I must have missed a post. I thought you moved back in with your parents. I'm guessing you got things worked out between you and your roommates. That's nice.

I love the way you answered the little 5 year old's question. It was a very smart, perfect answer.

bridget said...

So glad to hear that everything is going well. Can't wait to hear how his party goes. You both deserve to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Now you can take a deep breath and look forward to month #3 of Kadyn being 'OK' and growing like a weed... Hope he gets his gear soon??? Sad it's taken so long for you to get it.

Anonymous said...

Sara, I was so touched by the videos and the love you have for your precious son. That's why Kadyn is such a happy baby and I wish you all the best! You are all heroes that our world needs so badly! And happy birthday to Kadyn, this little fighter!