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Friday, May 1, 2009

So happy

I was a little worried about Kadyn last night. He slept ALLLLLLLLLLLL day and ALLLLLLLLL night. This morning I woke up to him going MAMAMAMAMA and I said yes Kadyn and the best thing I heard was BABA! I was like ok was that just accidental or did he just ask me for something. So i got he baba and he said MAMA. MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA thats it. It was soooooo darn cute! We talked all morning long. We sang we played. He played with my hair and my nose oh and tried to grab my lip ring and I told him NO KADYN. He laughed and just went for my nose again. 

Now he is napping and I'm sitting here doing nothing. haha. I should be cleaning but I dont feel good
 so im going to lay down with him