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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bath day

Today was bath the children day. I consider my dog my child also, though sometimes i wanna open the gate and hope she runs away. Just sometimes. LIke when she chewed my hundreded dollar work shoes. But the positive thing is I'd miss her and the shoes can be replaced but she can't be. I gave Korona (dog) a bath first. That was a pain. I decided to do it outside because it's still sizzleing outside. So i chained her to the fence. Just so I wouldn't have to chase her around the yard. I used the hose and I am sure it felt nice seeing as it was hot out. Then shampooed her adn thats when she deicded to shake. Needless to say I got shampoo in my I decided the best course of action would be to hose my eyes, seeing as i had shampoo on my hands. So that felt great. So now I'm soaked. Well got her finished and took her off the chain to put her in her kennel nad she runs and hides in the dirt behind a bush. AHHH! So convinced her to come out, hosed the dirt off her then put her in the kennel. I decided that before I bath Kadyn we would take a ride to Mcdonalds and get me a sweet tea. I get half way there, I forgot my money. Luckly i had just enough change ($1.06) to get me one. Though I wanted to get two, once for now and one for later, I just figured I'd go out again if I needed it. Well i get home and take Kadyn upstairs and put him in his chair in the tub. I turn the shower on and begin to bath him. As I turn around I notice he peed on his hands! UGH So now I have to fight him to keep his hands outta his mouth until I wash them with soap a million times. So after him screaming over it, I rinsed his hands off after washing them and well let me just say they did not go for his mouth! Well after his bath I decided to try and brush his teeth again. I haven't done it in a while because he didn't like the feeling. Well if I ever heard him crack up it was now. HE loved it! Thank goodness. He also cracks up when you use the shower on him. It's faster to use the shower also, and plus with him not sitting up it's easier. Since he is too long for hsi chair, but it is doing good for now. I also cut Kadyn's hair a little. Well not much, just the really long pieces. It still gets messy but he kinda causes that. When I brushing his hair he kept putting his fingers through it, and I guess he likes the messy look.

I was also going through his pictures and wow. Has he grown and changed so much. He truely doesn't look like the same baby at all. He is starting to lose that baby face and getting what I call his toddler face. Sigh. It's funny, I tell people he is two and they get 1 of 2 reactions.
1 is, wow he is a long for a 2 year old
2 He looks so young in his face.
I like both of them :-)

The pictures are in order from when he first came home until the other day. I swear he doesn't look like the same child from birth and now. He is amazing little fighter. That is actually what his name means. I am sure I have mentioned that before!

I still am in awe that it's been two years. Kadyn has come so far. He has overcome so much in this short 2 years. He has gone through more than any child should go through. He has fought this battle and has won. He deserves a gold medal! I swear. He is finally doing so much better and I am so thankful for this. It seemed like for a year things just weren't looking good. I honestly almost gave up hope on things every being "normal" for him. I am glad I didn't because i know Kadyn can feel when I am upset. I know it isn't good for him to feel me stressed and down. So I hold my chin up for him. He is my angel.

He is getting ready to go to sleep now. I have him in just a diaper so that way in the morning I just have to change his diaper and put a romper on him.

Goodnight everyone!


Anonymous said...

Does that mean you got his bathing chair, the one in the picture you posted a long time back?? I'm so glad you like posting lots pix of your lil cutie pie because I sure love to look at them (and hearing about his progress!)