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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Neurology appointment Thursday

Well Thursday is Kadyn's Neurology appointment. He has not seen them in over a year due to him always being in the hospital. They actually made his appointment for December but his lovely doctor squeezed him in earlier. Thankfully. So tomorrow I have to work then plan more for Kadyn's party. Which is almost here. This Saturday! Then after that Kadyn's father and I are taking a trip to Ohio, where we will go to Cedar Point and RIDE ON! I am excited. Then our next trip is going to be back in Ohio for the Toledo Zoo. That is Kadyn's birthday gift from us. We didn't really get him anything because He doesn't need anything and everything that he does need, or want I guess, my family already has plans on getting it for him. So we decided a trip to the zoo would be good enough for him. Well that will be a fun filled picture day as will Saturday. I am excited. I am going to ball my eyes out again haha! I can't believe Kadyn i two years old, and I look back through the past two years and it's like i have been through sooooo darn much it's crazy!

2 shunt infections, 5 revision, 14 shunt related surgeries, 2 port surgeries over 50 hospitalizations, numerous ct scans and xrays also shunt taps, him pulling his EVD out the night before MOthers day, Christmas Eve when he was soo sick I was terrified and cried for the first time since everything started. Now I have peace. I had a little interruption but Kadyn decided that he liked it at home better. Peace and quiet. I actually have been sheltering Kadyn a bit just to make sure he is not going to have any seizures before his birthday party. I haven't been taking him out much because the heat will cause his to seize, and I have been keeping him cool and away from everything. I feel terrible but I want him to be completely healthy for saturday. He did however go and pick out his birthday decorations with me. He was happy with dinosaur things. I don't think he minded. I got balloons with dinos on them, and regular balloons. The colors are pretty much orange and green because it matches so we have orange and green helium balloons, with orange and green streamers. Orange forks, and plates, dino plates also, and green napkins.

On the menu


Fruit salad




bread sticks



Cheese cake (for kadyn)

Dino Cake (for kadyn and everyone)

and whatever anyone brings




Looking back on all his baby pictures (slideshow)

Singing Happy birthday



And whatever else :-)


Kadyn goes to his Nana's

Clean up


I am excited to see my new niece again. I haven't seen her since she was born. I am excited!

She is sooo adorable!

Well hope everyone has a goodnight!