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Friday, June 19, 2009

I got the best call ever

Today I was at work and I got a phone call from the work phone. Which surprised me seeing as I don't work for THAT company. (I'll explain my job later on in this blog) Well I answer and she was like Hello this is (so and so) from Oakwood Rehabilitation. Is this Kadyn's mom. I was like yes it is. She was like how would you like to get Kadyn back into PT. Well I'd love too! So Kadyn starts PT Monday June 29th!! I was so happy!

So about my job. I work for Forget-Me-Not-Foods. Basically they are a demo company for diffent companies. Basically I sample different foods. We call the companies that we sample for our Clients. Basically I do this 1-3 times a week for 5 hours. Normally this job requires me to cook things. Like Italian sausage. Thats what I was cooking in these pictures.
Step one, drape my table in a cute table cloth. Heat up my griller, put oh Point of Sale paper, put out plate(s) for samples to put on.
Next Grill up the food. here i made fresh Italian flavored sausage. Of course i have to read up on the product and explain to customers the product.

Then I cut up product and put toothpicks for customers to come pick. I am suppose to try the product before I sample it but I don't like Italian Sausage. I just say it's good.

Thats a little of what I do. I love it. I get to talk to people. I also work from home with this job. I have to type up reports and email them to my boss. I also email them my own payroll. It's great!I am so glad ot be working!

Kadyn has been doing really good. Very vocal. His birthday party is exactly a week away! I am so excited. AHHH :-). I still ahve a few more things i need to get but other than that we have everything!

well that is all i have to update <3


bridget said...

So glad to hear that Kadyn is doing well. That's always great news! Also great news about getting him back into PT. That's really awesome that you like your job so much. It always helps when you're having fun! Take care and give that little cutie of yours a big kiss!