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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who is excited for thier 2nd birthday


Though I still have a lot of planning I went today and got paper plates, plastic forks, a sign that says Happy birthday, those fun goodie bags, cups, napkins, confetti, streamers, ordered his balloons and cake. I am soo excited. Here is a video to prove how happy Kadyn is. Also Kadyn has learned to say SHHHH. Except it's more like a ssss to him. It's cute. In the video he is saying shh a lot and making a lot of noise. Now this is all day for us when he is awake. NOn stop talking. He really likes his voice. This I am thankful for..

I got everything from party city. All the dinosaur stuff that I could buy. His cake is going to be dinosaur and he is going to wear his birthday boy shirt from last year, because it has a dinosaur on it. Kadyn is wide awake right now. I actually just took that video about 5 minutes ago. He is doing good though. Ummm, he is sleeping a lot still but in a better mood when he wakes up. I am thinking maybe he is going through a growth spirt. If he grows anymore he is going to be taller than me. He is so long. It's getting harder and harder for me to carry him because he is getting heavier and heavier. With Kadyn he does not like cuddling for more that 2 minutes, then he will fight and want to be put down to play. He would rather roll around and get into his toys all day then have me hold him.

I took him to Elizabeth park the other day. He did pretty good. I tried to swing with him but that lasted 3 swings and he was done with me and the swing. Elizabeth park is just so beautiful.

The park was a ton of fun! Actually. This was Kadyn after the park....

I still want to know how he sleeps in the positions that he sleeps in. Silly boy!

Oh and I wanted to show you guys my view from the hospital room we were at...


Isn't that just dandy?

Well I am glad we are home and Kadyn is doing so much better.


Anonymous said...

Wow - what a lovely post... he is looking more and more like you... and those sleep positions are just too funny - maybe it's baby yoga (lol). Wonder how many people are invited to his party?? He's going to have so much fun!!