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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So here ends my two months of normal life!

Well we are back in the hospital. Not for seizures this time, though he did have a couple, but for classic signs of a shunt malfunction but not yet confirmed. Well Kadyn the last 4 days has been very sleepy and just not himself. I figured okay when it rains or storms he normally gets this way, lets wait this out, and see if he shows any more signs. Well during the day yesterday he did nothing but sleep, when he was awake he would just cry and cry and hit his head and pull on his ears, well he then slept at night too but would wake maybe an hour to cry, well finally he fell asleep and i tried to wake him to get him to take his meds. He wouldn't wake up, i even tried a little pinch to see if pain could even stimulate him to wake up. Nothing. Well then I begun to pack my bags and his and decided it would be best to head to the hospital. Better safe than sorry. Well, he then woke up and begun to have his first of 4 seizures. It was a brief small one but enough to make me think, oh boy, surgery. Oh no. Well we get to the hospital and Kadyn is screaming and crying and because of his condition he is seen first. We started off in the trama bay because they wanted someone with him all the time incase things got worse. Well they took him to ct scan right away. I was asked to sit in the room with the technition also since Kadyn was sleeping, I got to see first hand on the computer what his ct scan looked like and let me tell you, there is a lot less fluid then what i had thought. Plus his shunt looked so neat from that point of view. Even through all this chaos I found joy in just being able to see this. Well then off to xray, Kadyn was still sleeping adn slept through them moving him and adjusting his head and everything. So then the neurosurgeon RN comes in and she says that his ventricles actually look a lot better and smaller than the scan from March. She was then saying that well it's not likely for a shunt to just start over draining outta no where, but it could be a possiblity. She also said that she does believe that Kadyn right now is a very sick child. She tried to wake him also and he moved for her but wouldn't even open his eyes. She was baffeled. Well she then was like ok, I don't really want to tap his shunt but it's the last thing and it will tell us for sure if it is his shunt or not. She just explained that maybe his ventricles where a lot smaller then now and then his shunt stopped working and they are bigger now, but still smaller than Marchs. I was like good thinking, so she tapped it and fluid looked clear and everything else was normal. So then she was like, well we are going to admit him under neurosurgary but we are not sure exactly what is going to happen from here. She doesn't believe it is his shunt, but he is clearly showing signs of it being his shunt. She is going to talk to Dr. Ham and see what he says about it.
The only thing they figured out so far is that is blood sugar level is low, but he hasn't been eating very well so I would expect that. The cafeteria is going to be opening for breakfast soon. So I am going to go eat, I am thinking no sleep for me..I'll just nap later.

I'll keep ya'll posted as I know more. Right now we are at a dead end, with no where to go. So we will see what Dr. Ham says.

The good news is...his port worked this time..YAY. At least I can find some positivity in this horrible situation.


Amber && Baby said...

I'm glad you can find positive things to keep your chin up. Kadyn needs his mommy<3 I love you guys, if you need anything let me know.

<3 Amber

Kristen said...

My just sinks over your sad news. It's beautiful the way you are looking to hold onto anything positive that you can find. That's so important at getting through these times. Keep hanging in there, girl. I hope more normal months are just around the corner for you.

Michelle said...

Let's just hope and pray that this is a small bump in the road and that you'll be able to get back to normalcy soon. Hugs!

Ashley&Zayvier said...

awww no. im sorry. i hope everything gets figured out so you guys can go home!!! i will keep you in my thoughts day and night. keep me posted, i wish you the best of luck!!