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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Well, what do we have here

Well goodmorning 4am. How are you doing? It's been awhile since I've seen you. You have brought me the joy of waking up to a 2 year old screaming his lungs out, and saying mama. He surely seems to be feeling better. Please send my apologies to our roomates, as I am sure they aren't sleeping very well. What can I do, Kadyn doesn't understand the meaning of No or shh. HE just seems to repeat what I say but louder. Well 4am, I can't say that I have missed you but you have brought me joy in knowing Kadyn is doing better. Maybe you can explain this little rough thing he went through. I surely am baffled even thinking he had a shunt malfunction. This clearly isn't the case.

Well Kadyn has me and the doctors fooled again. It's crazy to think that just two days ago they were telling me that I had a really sick child. Yet there was nothing wrong with his shunt at all, ad that his ventricles were actually smaller! Now I am truely confused as to why this has happened. I wish someone could enlighten me. Now I am awake and I have to be the work at 9am. I really wish I could call off but, I can not afford to. Kadyn is in an amazing mood. He is trying to be loud and I keep interupting him so he isn't too noisey. I am going to guess that we are most likely going to go home today.

Well, Maybe I can lay down for a little bit. but I normally can't sleep when Kadyn is awake.

Happy 4am!


Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Talia, I'm from Mexico. I've just seen your blog, all because I found a video of Kadyn on youtube, he is so beautiful!!! He has a very beautiful smile!! For real i'm so amazed and touched by the love you have for your son. You are just one of a kind parents!! You'll be on my prayers count on that and hopelly God keeps protecting you all and gives Kadyn the health and life that He deserves.

You are amazing girl! Let me tell you how much I admire you as a woman but most of all as an exceptional mum!
God bless you!

Christine said...

I found your video on youtube and thought I would come over and sya hi. Your little boy is just amazing! WE are adopting a little boy with spina bifida and he may have a shunt-- I am not sure. May I add your blog to my blogroll?