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Monday, June 15, 2009

So yea I have been slacking!

Well sorry, I didn't get on here earlier to update everyone, but we are home and okay. They never could figure out why Kadyn was so sleepy and un responsive. They never could track down the reasons he was acting so sick. The only thing they got is low blood sugar levels, and thats clearly from him not eating as well. Kadyn is back to his normal self now. Still sleeping a little but more than normal but I think he is recovering.

Things have been good though. Kadyn is babbling every morning for hours on end. He doesn't stop babbling. He likes listening to himself talk and he also likes hearing how high his vocie can go. So he screams a lot!

But no surgery, but they did adjust his seizure medicaiton, which I didn't agree with and argued about it, because I didn't bring him in for seizures. He had 3 absent seizures but i am thinking its because his blood sugar levels were low and hasn't had once since. So his neurologist told me if i didn't want to do the increase and see what happens then thats fine. Well I told them no as Kadyn already has enough medications going into him, and well he is doing just fine. No seizures or anything. So now we just plan for the big 2nd birthday!!!

:-) YAY


Kristen said...

I'm glad things are returning to normal for you and you are able to turn your thoughts back to birthday planning! How fun!