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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Guess who is two?

Kadyn is two. Today is Kadyn's 2nd birthday. How did we celebrate?

Well I'd have pictures camera is gone. The battery died and I can't find the charger. So I bought a new one. (charger) I am waiting for it to be sent to me.


Happy 2nd birthday to the love of my life Kadyn.

We have cupcakes today to celebrate. We also had baby cereal. I wanted to see if he would eat it. He took a few bites. So I am hoping he will eat that also to help out with gaining some weight. We pretty much lounged all day long. After a long day at cedar point his dad and I had we were all just tired. My face is burnt. Kadyn stayed with his grandma. He really enjoyed his time there.

Harvey and I really enjoyed our time in Cedar Point. We rode all the rollar coasters and rides 2 times. Then rode some 3-5 times. It wasn't busy at all there. Our longest wait was 15 minutes. It was nice out all day long, and rained right before we left and of course we were already on a ride, so we got soaked. It was worth it though. Now my ankles hurt from walking so much and my face hurts from being burnt, but I was happy for my mini vacation. Though I missed Kadyn terribly. I called and checked on him 15 times until my mom finally yelled at me and told me to not worry that he is fine and to have a good time. It was awesome!

Well Kadyn's birthday has been very relaxing which is good. He is teething. Getting his top molars in, but he doesn't seem to be bugged by it at all. Thankfully. We got him an orange monkey that is very soft and says Cedar Point on it. He loves it! He hasn't stopped playing with it. Such a cute boy. As soon as I get my charger back I'll be taking a ton of pictures!


Anonymous said...

Espero que existan aún los traductores, porque sino no entenderás una palabara de lo que digo, pero aun así, ahi voy :) He visto a tu hijito por casualidad..y me parece admirable el esfuerzo que está haciendo!! es adorable!!, el valor y el amor que das a tu hijo me emociona mucho, ojalá todas las madres quisiesen asi a sus niños...muchos besos y abrazos desde España!!