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Monday, July 20, 2009

Happier already

I totally just told me boss that I am moving my soup demo to wednesday, called Kadyn's cardiologist moved his appointment back. (just a check up) Kadyn and me are going on vacation in our rental car that his daddy got for us. Since his car is out of commison right now he got a rental car. I am driving a 2008 Hondia Elantra and I LOVE IT!. Moon roof, four doors, smooth driving, great gas mileage. Goodbye reality for a few days. Kadyn, me, my mom and dad, also there two dogs and my one dog are going to be over 4 hours away from home in Lake George Michigan. This is a much needed vacation away from reality. I already have plans for taking Kadyn to the beach, and riding four wheelers...ok Kadyn no four wheelers but me yes. Oh and a motorcycle ride for me. Goodbye city for a few days. Of course this is good news for my followers because that means a ton of pictures and a nice update of our vacation. So I will not have internet or phone, which is okay because we have a neighbor who has a house phone and if anything happens WHICH IT WON'T (thinking positive) then we have phone access also the hospital it the next town over.

Well, I hope everyone has a nice four days. I will be in a trailor at the beach and enjoying the great out doors :-)



Kristen said...

That is fantastic!! Enjoy!!

Lora said...

Good for you! Think you really need this break after everything that has happened to you lately.
Enjoy your time away :)
Lora x

Sweetest Girl in the World said...

Oh that is wonderful!!! HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!