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Sunday, July 19, 2009

I need to vent

Because I can't really vent to Harvey or anyone here because it kinda envolves them, I have chosen my blog.

I am very very angry with my roommates right now. Extremely angry.

Ok, it all started with Harvey and I decided to go to a movie, we were at his grandma's and I had drove Kadyn over there in the car and Harvey had ridden the motorcycle. Well JOnathon was there (Harveys brother) and said he would take Nick (harveys other brother) home alone with Kadyn in harveys car and that harvey and me could just go straight to the movies.

Well not only was the theatre haveing difficulties running the movie and totally ruined it, we come home to Josh (harveys other brother) riding my bike down the street and told us that JOnathon had exciting news for us. I noticed harvey's car wasn't in the drive way but Kristie (roommate) was. Oh well Come to find out they are both in Southwest Detroit (for those of you not familar, extremly BAD part of detroit) and the car got broken into. The radio was just stolen, but the thing is I am not even mad about that, because that can happen ANYWHERE! I am totally upset about the fact that they took MY only way of transporting Kadyn around (his car seat) and didn't leave me with keys to Kristie's car. Not only that why couldn't they have taken her car. She is with Jonathon. Harvey right now is making a police report for insurance reasons. It just makes me really mad, I have told them a billion times NOT to leave me without kadyn's car seat or a set of keys. I don't care that they take the car, becuase his car seat can go into any car, even if I didn't have a vehicle I could always call me mom. I NEED TO HAVE TRANSPORTATION WITH KADYN HERE! Not everything is terrible enought to call 911. Now I should say something, but I am going to say something to Harvey, and I bet he just yells at me and tell me that I am being a total jerk about it, but I think I am being a mother!
NOw when Harvey takes the car to work I can always call him and he can bring me the car and take me to the hospital or whatever, Harvey can always get here within 5 mintues of me calling, but Southwest Detoit is a good 1/2 hour away, and sometimes that is just too long. I think I have every right to be upset about this. Although there isn't anything i can do now I am just going to be angry for a bit, calm down then forget about it. I am head hurts, I think I am going to sleep on this...


Kristen said...

I think it's very understandable that you would be upset over that. It's difficult feeling so concerned about something and others don't respect it.

Tara said...

You have every right to be upset that 1. you have been left WITHOUT transportation when you have a child that is COMPLETELY unpredictable. 2. NO CAR SEAT! It's against the law to not have one and 9 times out of 10 911 doesn't want to transport without one because if the ambulance were to go into an accident what would keep Kadyn safe in the ambulance??? Im with you on this one 110%! Your roomates seem like they just do not respect the fact that this is your life and theses are 2 things that they cannot jepordize at all..

Kristen said...

This past April, Cayman was transported by an ambulance. We did have her car seat with us, but the ambulance was equipped with a special belt that strapped her in securely, eliminating the need of the car seat during the ambulance ride. I'm not sure if all ambulances have them. It seems like they should. Hopefully you'll never be in that kind of situation but if you do, rest assure the ambulance should have a way to transport without a car seat.

Sara said...

The ambulances around here no longer use his car seat since he has transfered into a forward facing car seat. Kadyn is too long for a rear facing and also weighs too much. They just strap him onto the stretcher. Luckly I haven't had to call 911 in 4 months :-)