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Monday, July 13, 2009

Kadyn, Dylan and Madison

Madison and Dylan are my nephew and niece, and Kadyn's cousins also. They are amazing little people. Madison is 6 weeks old and weighs half of Kadyn's weight. She is 12 lbs! I am so surprised. Although Madison thought it would be a good idea to spit up all over me, I still love her. hehe.
My sister has this Lazy boy chair that Kadyn sat in. He sat up in it for awhile. He really liked it. It reclines too and it is for little children. My mom had bought it for my nephew for his birthday, but I think i am going to convince her to get Kadyn one for Christmas...or my birthday! haha.
Kadyn really enjoyed the fireworks. He jumped at the first one but just sat there and enjoyed the loud bangs and the bright colors. He laughed a little and clapped after they were all done, and this was before anyone else started clapping. He kinda caused everyone to start clapping. Of coruse my sisters husbands family are a big fan of kadyn, they came in and are always surprised on how big he has gotten. My sister tells me everytime she sees him he has grown. I am glad.
All in all, eating hot dogs and hamburgers, going on a beer run for the guys there, hogging madision and her spitting up on me, Kadyn trying to eat her dress and the fireworks and all the inbetween things. Everything was good, everything was really good.
Tomorrow we are suppose to be going to elizabeth park after the haircuts.
ON a funny note
Kadyn's uncle Josh is in Kadyn's pack and play with him....HAHA Silly boys. I got pictures of course. THat will be tomorrow :-)