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Monday, July 13, 2009


Tomorrow Kadyn is getting his haircut, his daddy said so because his daddy is getting his hair cut, so, It's going to be haircut day for him and his daddy. That will be nice to watch. I'll get many pictures of the hair cut. I also have pictures of Kadyn and his beautiful niece that I got. I need to upload them off my camera. Maybe later on today I will do that.

Today Kadyn is sitting up in his high chair and is very happy. I am wondering is the storms that came through here the other morning maybe messed with his shunt. I have no clue, could of been anything.

Kadyn is sitting here watching his daddy play video games. Call of Duty 4 isn't really my choice of games for him to be watching, but Kadyn likes the loud noises of the stuff exploding I guess. He seems to really listen and enjoy it. Kind of like the fire works.


He is enjoying himself so I guess I am going to watch with him. His daddy got a new headset to talk on so, he is "testing it out" or it is just a pretty good reason to play video games right now haha.


Kristen said...

Cayman and Kadyn share the same interest...loud noises. :-)