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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mischief :-)

Kadyn's middle name is mischief. :-) Ok so it's not mischief it really is David, but in responce to Kristen's post(caymans mommy).

Kadyn has done his share of mischief. From rolling over and getting into the dirt in the plants, to rolling over to the dog and pulling on her tail and he just licking him. Also spilling chocolate milk all over his face. One day I was putting a brand new stroller together for him. I was so excited to get this stroller. I HAD to put it together that very minute so I could take Kadyn for his walk. Well Kadyn was on the floor playing, and I always make sure there isn't anything he can hurt himself on or get into. Well I really got into putting this stroller away and I think only ten minutes had gone by and I looked up and he was GONE! My heart sank, I looked down the hall way, I looked in his room, (maybe my mom picked him up and put him in his room) I stated calling his name and making noises becaue Kadyn always imitates noises. I could not find him. I got even more scared. I know the front door was locked, but I checked again to make sure. By this time 3 minutes of me looking for him and I'm almost in tears. Well, I just decided to look under my moms couch because it does sit up a little high and there he was Sleeping with my kitty. I was so relieved. I got him out from under there and put him in his crib. That was scary for me, but he had a smile on his face when I picked him up like even though he fell asleep he knew he was hiding from me. Needless to say I finished putting his stoller together.

Also just recently I had stacked his diapers up in a neat pile in his diaper cabinet. I left the doors open to go get the new box of diapers to put in there. I had left Kadyn for maybe a minute. I came back and all the diapers that were in the cabinet were now opened up and on the floor. He was even chewing on one. I wish my camera was working then, but it wasn't! He is such a funny little guy.

Oh how about the time he stuck his finger in his nose and caused it to bleed just recently...i consider that mischief LOL! Or maybe thats just ways to give mommy a heart attack. :). Kids are so adorable.


Anonymous said...

His haircut looks so cute on him! and he looks so much bigger now - why is that??? Well at least he hasn't spilled a brand new $8 bottle of OPI 'lincoln park after dark' bottle of nailpolish on your white linoleum floor that 2 whole bottles of nail polish remover later still hasn't gotten up all the color... like my lil guy who's almost 18 months did in about 5 seconds flat (I swear!)... *sigh*
Kadyn is really ahead of the curve with all his activity and abilities. You SHOULD be so proud and those tears, whether in happiness or sadness, are well-earned!!