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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I can smiled everyday!

Today I woke up to Kadyn so sweetly saying Mama, over and over again, and when I went over to his crib and he saw me, he just smiled and said MAMA! I serisouly had to tell myself not to tear up it was so cute!. I then made his a bottle got him outta bed and began to hold him while he fed himself. He normally doesn't let me do this, but he has been extra cuddly lately. Which I am glad. I kinda am glad Kadyn isn't a clingy child but, there are times when I want to cuddle with him and he just wants to play. I guess when they get a certain age they become more independant. I was hoping it wouldn't go by this fast. Kadyn is already 2, where has the time gone. Either way his smile is still the most cutest thing in the world to me, I love when he talks and just talks to me, and I love when he screams then laughs about it, I love when he makes different noises, how he imitates every noise he hears just about, how he learns new words so easily now, I love watching him clap all the time, I even love watching him sleep. These are the moments I thank God that I am alive, so I enjoy every second I have with Kadyn.

I plan on taking kadyn to the Toledo zoo this weekend. I will take a million and a half pictures. I also want to take Kadyn camping this summer before it is over. Next year I want to take Kadyn to the Dinosaur Park, and we are suppose to go to the Kahlahari resorts again with my sister and her family. I am excited for that one :-) I am sure Kadyn will like it a little more this year


Anonymous said...

This 'cuddliness' may be a nice new phase. Sometimes when kids discover their new independence, they like coming back to mommy for security. It is great to see him doing so great!
mum of 3

Kristen said...

I love Toledo's Zoo!

Possibly in August we are going to visit Fort Wayne, In's zoo.