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Monday, August 17, 2009

Therapy today

Kadyn had therapy today. He did really good. He sat up and held his head up and even reached for a toy. He made a lot of noises and he sang a lot and he just made his therapist laugh. I really like his new therapist. She really seems more into goals and making notes about what to do with Kadyn. I am very happy with this. Kadyn is doing so well. He is even pushing to hold his head up and working out a lot more. He is just an amazing trooper. I am getting worried about him though, for some reason he will sweat on his head, and feel really hot but the air is on and cool in the house, and he has no fever. I have no clue. I am thinking it could be his heart condition doing this to him. I have no clue, but here are come cute pictures of him and our lil vacation we took!
Kadyn reaching out for my hair (ohio)

One of my sisters dogs, a newfinland Named Moose. He is getting groomed with the help from my nephew (ohio)
Kadyn in Indiana, we were at my sisters dads and Kadyn fell asleep like this! haha
Kadyn talking up a storm on the way to Indiana
My niece Sequoya! (ohio)
My Nephew Michael! (ohio)

Kadyn and his dino face!(indiana)
Smiling while watching the sun set. (ohio)
Kadyn holding a puppy (ohio)
My nieces dog Pedro and the two new puppies (ohio)
This is why I shouldn't leave my clean clothes in a basket for 10 minutes. (michigan)
We decided to make smores. Sequoya and Michael posing for me. (Ohio)
Kadyn wasn't feeling good because storms where passing through. (Ohio)
Kadyn in his halloween costume.
Still the cutest little bear I know!


Kristen said...

So many wonderful pictures! Looks like you have been filling your summer with lots of memories!

Sweetest Girl in the World said...

The last two photos are my favorite!! He looks so happy and adorable - I just want to hug him!!

I'm happy to hear the new therapist is working so well with Kadyn - that makes all the difference in the world.

Audrey's a sweater - but so is her Daddy. She takes nothing after me - she is 100% her father's :) I hope though that Kadyn's little sweaty head isn't anything too serious. Audrey sweats during every nap and when she wakes up there's a ring of sweat all around her head.

Thank you for sharing all the photos!

Michelle said...

Owen is a big sweater (sounds like he's a piece of winter clothing). For no reason at all he'll just break out in buckets. Always has. I think their big heads just make temperature regulation difficult. I'd ask the doc if it's new, but I would worry too much.