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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hello!!! :-)

So it's been two weeks since I last posted. I guess I must be grounded. Kadyn is doing great. We started going to church last Sunday. I never realized how much the power of prayer really worked. Right after church on Sunday we got food, then I put Kadyn on my hip, and he held his head. He has been holding his head up for a few minutes at a time each time he does it. He even is moving his head forward to look at things. He also is not minding being touched anymore. Different textures all the sudden just doesn't bug him. He is really starting to improve a lot.

Last time in Church, Kadyn's uncle Ed said a SPECAIL prayer or Kadyn. After everyone else put in thier prayer requests and we prayed, Ed decided to speak up and say We have a specail guest. His name is Kadyn, and the Doctors said he wasn't suppose to even be here today, but he is here with us, (this is the part where Ed, me nad My sister started crying) and that we need to pray for him and his health. So everyone did. After church the preacher came up to Kadyn nad said that he wanted to pray for him, and touch his head because God was telling him to. It was wonderful. I came home on Wednesday to work Thursday. I packed mine and Kadyn's things again to go back to Ohio. We then headed to Indianapolis, Indiana where my sisters grandma and dad and her family lives. I am thankful that her family likes me! They also loved Kadyn. They couldn't get enough of him being silly, laughing, playing, screaming and just being the happy baby he is. (Kadyn has touched many many hearts with his struggles) Well, We visited her grandma who is not doing very good, and I normally don't ask but She could use everyones prayers. She lost her husband a year ago to alztimers (spellin?) and she now has it. For example. She couldn't remember going to dinner at Renee's (sister) dad's house the day before. She doesn't remember to eat ever. I feel terrible. She is such a wonderful person. My sisters whole family is. Her dad (my mom's ex husband of course) came up and gave me and huge hug and said how he can't believe how grown up I am. As I was leaveing he said that I am welcome back anytime. Which made me very happy.
We came home Saturday because church was Sunday and my niece Sequoya had and awards banquet for her horse contesting showing stuff. Well today is Sunday. Church was AMAZING!

Randy (the normal preacher who is always there) was there today (not last week) and he saw me walk in and immeditally came over and prayed for Kadyn. HE then said he had something specail planned for Kadyn. Which made me excited. Little did I know how big it was going to be. After the beautiful music (they play christian rock music there and have thier own band amazing) Randy told us to come to the front and to have Kadyn up front, well Ed took him because I have a hard time holding him for a long time. Randy began to say the God will touch Kadyn and that doctors can only do so much but the true healer is God. I believe him too. He also passed the bread and grape juice around and he wanted me to dip the bread into the grape juice nad place it and rubbed it on kadyn's lips. (he knows kadyn won't eat and Kadyn was sleeping by then) then eat it myself. I did. Then we went on to our teachings. It was amazing talking about David. He even added in comedy, which I liked. He then told me to take the baby to the front and sit in a chair. HE grabbed and oil (which smelt really good) and told everyone in the church to place the oil on thier finger then rub it across Kadyn's forhead then kneel down before him and say a prayer, and the prayer had to be whatever came to thier minds, because that is what God was telling them. I am thinking Kadyn felt like a king becuase he was smilng and laughing. Then He told me to tell everyone what Kadyn did after church last week, and I told them that he held his head up for the first time ever, and some people began to cry....So of course I did too.

After the service we went downstairs and ate some yummy breads and bagels oooo and the brownies...those were my favortie. We drank juice, punch, water, milk, coffee...then everyone came up and wanted to see Kadyn, and I asked me what condition he had. People were surprised that such a condition exsisted. They didn't know. Everyone was so happy to see that he overcame all the struggles he has. They also loved how he is learning so much. Everyone told me I was a very strong person. I smiled and I laughed and then I said. God never gives you anything that you can't handle and the strength he has given me to push on when I just want to give up, is the strength I have given Kadyn. It's true. Kadyn has pushed on when he could of given up. But here he Big, happy, strong, handsome, and amazing. (the girls at the church said he is going to be a lady magnet lol)

Well, my nice little vacation was wonderful. I will be back in Ohio on Thursday. I love it. I can't wait until I go. I am sooo excited.

Well have a good night everyone!


Kristen said...

I'm so glad you found a church where you and Kadyn feel loved and embraced! Life is always a little more beautiful when that happens.

Josephine said...

Faith is a wonderful thing. Just knowing that there is a God and that he knows you and loves you can really give you the strength to get through anything. Also, I've been thinking a lot about the principle that God will not give you more than you can handle, and the wonderful thing about that is that it's also true for our children - these special miracles are so much stronger than we sometimes give them credit for.