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Friday, September 4, 2009

Beautiful Article.

I haven't been posting much lately. I really have no updates! Plus I have fighting a terrible sinus infection since Monday. I finally started feeling better today.
Here is what Kadyn learned since my last update.
He learned how to tap his mouth and do that Indian call. (thanks to his daddy)
He learned that fake coughing and scareing mommy is funny.
He has learned to like Butternut Squash and apples baby food.
He has learned to pick his toy up and put it straight into his mouth. (before he would miss his mouth)
He has also learned to like sitting up in his stroller more.
He is really making progress. It's slow progress but it's better then none. I now believe that the reason he is so far behind is because of his siezures. Now that he isn't having any he seems to just be blossoming. We have been spending the week in Ohio so my sister can help me with Kadyn, that way I don't have to be in Kadyn's face and get him sick. Normally him getting a cold means a hospital trip because he gets dehydrated so easily. It's been nice spending time with my niece and nephew.

Now onto this article. A friend of mine and Kadyn's wrote this article on the Detroit Hydrocephalus Walk. She included two wonderful little boys in it. One of them being Kadyn. I was blessed to beable to meet the other little boy, Isaiah. I was blessed to beable to meet so many children and adults affected by this condition. I would like to thank Jennifer for that amazing article that brought tears into my eyes! Here is the article.

Kadyn is currently sleeping. He has been sleeping a lot lately, but I do believe that it is because he is growing. He is still eating great when he is awake, and he isn't cranky or anything. So I am convinced he is going through a growth spirt. I don't want him to grow anymore!! Haha!

Everything has been amazing latly. He hasn't had any fevers, but I have noticed that when it rains he gets the fever. So I don't know. I asked his neurosurgeon and he doesn't seem to be too concerned, as hydrocephalic babies can have a hard time keeping thier temp "normal". Well, I am going to go nap while Kadyn is napping. I still feel horrible, but I feel a lot better then what I did. I may go for a horse ride again today. (I learned how to ride horses while I have been here!)



Kristen said...

Kadyn is doing so wonderful! My prayers remain strong that that continues for him.

And you sound like you're doing great too! Besides the whole sinus infection thing that is.

Thanks for sharing the Hydro Walk article. It was fun reading it, especially since Kadyn and you were featured in it. :-)

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you liked the article !!! There will be more to come on your little man!!