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Friday, September 4, 2009

Post numer 2 today! Woot

I can't share pictures as my sister lives out in the middle of no where and still has dial up. (I didn't know that still exhisted lol!) I do have a lot of pictures to share though. I decided since it was so beautiful out here in Holland, Oh that I would go explore. Why explore a place where you're not living. Well living here is kind of up in the air. Harvey wants to move to Ohio and work here. I guess there is an opening where he will get more money somewhere around here. He has applied now we are waiting if he gets the job or not. My sister was telling me about all the childrens hospitals around here, but still I feel nervous. I love Kadyn's neurosurgeon now. I could still go there as it's only an hour an a half away, but still, it scares me to move away from the "normal" when it comes to Kadyn. Kadyn loves it out here, he watched me ride the horse last night like it was the best thing since sliced bread. I wish I had pictures of his face. Also, I just love living in the country. It's just so me! I mean. I have always lived in the city but there is nothing like the smell of fresh air when I wake up. Then again this is all up in the air so I guess I will worry about it when he gets the job or if he gets the job. It will go to the first one with more time in. Harvey is a security guard. He actually has a dangerous security job as he works at a Marathon Oil Company, in a not so good part of Detroit. Although the only good part of Detroit now days is Downtown but even that is going down hill.

Anyways while I was exploreing I ran into a walmart in Springfield. I love Walmart, so I figured why not. I never really ever paid attention to the sales tax until I looked at my reciept. Its a penny more here then it is in Michigan, I was surprised because all this time I thought it was the same everywhere. Little did I know, its up to 9cents out west. I didn't mind. I got Kadyn cute pajamas and some cold and cough medicain just incase he catches what I have. I also got a phone call from my sister that my neice glasses where there and ready. So I picked those up for her and I ate at the Subway there. I love Subway, but I don't like the teenage girls that work there and look at you like they don't want to help you. But my sandwhich was still yummy. Nothing like ham cheese and pickles with mayo. I gave Kadyn a pickle, he threw it at me. What can I expect.

OH on Kadyn's list of things he has learned I forgot to put that he likes to try and mimick the noises of the horses.It is sooo cute! I'll have to get a video of it. I will be riding with my niece today, so I don't know if I can do it today. I will try hard.

Church has been amazing. I am so glad I finally found a church that feels homely. When you can sit down and you know everyone, and those who don't know you come up and give you a hug anyways! It's right down the street from my sisters. Called Harvesters. I kinda chuckled at the name becuase there are a ton of farmers that go there. Hehe. Anyways. There are so many wonderful people there who just accept Kadyn with open arms. I guess it helps that Ed and Nay (brother in law and sister) had been mentioning Kadyn to them since he was born. Its amazing.

There is a fair this weekend! Fulton county fair. My niece (Sequoya) is going to be showing her horse there. I am excited to see it. Also I am going to ride on some rides. I am still a kid at heart. My sister will be there. I am going to see if they will let me take Kadyn on the really slow rides. like the Merry-go-round. I think as long as there is a bench there is no reason why I can't take him on that. I think he will like it.

He is laying around playing with my sisters dog Tressel. Tressel is a Sheltie. He is so over protective of Kadyn. Yesterday Ed was rubbing Kadyn's head and Tressel stuck his nose in and moved Ed's hand from Kadyn's head. If I put Kadyn on the floor to play Tressel lays right next to him, and watched whoever walks by. He also keeps the other dog, Pedro, a mini pin mix away from Kadyn because he always wants to lick Kadyn's face. Tressel doesn't care of Kadyn pulls his fur either. Tressel has long fur and Kadyn LOVES playing with hair. This dog, may become my dog if I have my way (lol). Tressel will not go outside at all if Kadyn is still awake. I will post a picture of them two when I get home.

Well, I think I am going to go, my niece and nephew will be home soon from school. In about an hour so I am going to make them a pizza or something to snack on.


Kristen said...

We're going to be at the Fulton Co. Fair on Sunday!!! Will you be there then?? I feel so excited to think I could get to see you and Kadyn again!

Kristen said...

I got thinking...if you will be at the fair on Sunday, I want to make sure we'll find each other. Do you have a cell phone? I will have mine with me. I don't know your email address to give you my number though. If you get this before then, email me and then we can exchange our contact information.