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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Old Clothes

I have been going through Kadyn's old clothing this past week. I am going to be doing a Mom 2 Mom sale and I wanted to put outfits together and sizes and what not. Well, I was going through it and I picked up this Preemie Outfit:

I put the outfit up to Kadyn now and just chuckled and a tear slipped. (shh thats a secret lol) I am in just awe at how big Kadyn has gotten. You can see in the picture that the outfit was a tad bit big on him. He was a tiny little guy! Now, he is BIG! He just keeps growing and growing. I know this because as I was going through his clothes I also was putting his 12 month clothes away. I am so happy that he is in size 18 months. Although they are a little big on him, 12 month is too small. He is getting chunky and longer everyday! When they weighed him at the hospital he was 24 pounds. I don't know how I carry him around anymore. I know sometimes when it comes to going up the stairs I have to take my time now because he tires me out.

I'll miss the clothes that I will be selling, but knowing that some other child will be wearing it and be clothed makes me happy. Kadyn don't need them anymore. I may cry while I sell them lol.


Jennifer said...

He has made so many strides! No matter what obstacle life seems to throw him, Kadyn always wins! I never thought someone so little could me such an inspiration in my life <3 You have one amazing boy!!