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Monday, September 28, 2009

Weather is so sad

Pick me up mommy!
Time out!

I am always playing with my feet

Soo exicted!

Asleep. HOW DOES HE DO IT????!!!!

The weather makes me so sad lately. It's been cold and rainy. Yuck. That means Kadyn has been sleepy and cranky. Kadyn slept from 1am (yes that is his normal bed time...he is a partier) until 12pm, then he went back to sleep around 2pm until 9pm. I let him sleep because if he is awake he has a headache and is in pain. I'll suffer and stay up the rest of the night with him, because I don't want him to be in any pain. He is a good lil man. He is sooo sweet. He has been rolling over and lifting his head more. Of course he doesn't want to do it when I have the camera ready to go for him, but he does it as soon as I give up. (typical huh?)
He has been doing soo good though. Although he get the boot from therapy again due to missing so much from being sick. I am thinking of going to a different place. Kadyn should be doing so much more, but because they keep kicking him out for reasons out of both mine and his control. I think it's unfair, but also fair at the same time. OH well. Kadyn is doing soo good, and pretty much learning everything from me and his father. He also kinda teaches himself some things.
He spent the night with his grandma on Saturday. He really had a good time. I guess he was a very good boy for his Nana. Nothing really to report. Just been spending time with Kadyn (normal haha)
It's been 8 months since Kadyn's last surgery!! YAY! I am praying to make it to the one year mark. 5 months since his last siezure! YAY! (i mean big tonic clonic seizure)


Josephine said...

I can't believe the way the therapy place keeps on kicking him out for being sick! This doesn't make any sense to me!
I also can't believe anyone can sleep like that! That is INSANE!! And hilarious! I love it!

Kaylee said...

Kadyn just amazes me. I have been reading your blog for a really long time and it is truly amazing how far he has come. He truly is a miracle baby. I dont think he will ever know how inspirational he is to so many people. You are doing an awesome job! Keep it up!