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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another hospital stay

Kadyn had a seizure today. A grand Mal. It was his first in 5 months. I don't think they are going to make any changes because Kadyn has another ear infection. They saw it on his CT scan. I am just thankful that it is not his shunt.

Friday October 30th they are having a Burn at my church. A burn is a bunch of bands from all over coming to the church to play and sing. It is going to be wonderful! I am excited. Of course this all depends on if Kadyn is feeling any better or not. They have him on Iv antibiotics here, so hopefully that will begin to take affect. I hoping to go home on NO antibiotics because he is soo hard at giving pain medications. He is currently sleeping right now. He is such a good boy and such a trooper. Kadyn means fighter, and He truely lives up to his meaning.

The nurses here are great. When Kadyn did wake up he was so hungry, they didn't have any pedisure for him up here, but they took another child's pedisure that was left over from the day (unopened of course) and gave it to me. Kadyn and I were very thankful.

Kristen, I will have your Ohio state outfit pictures of Kadyn up as soon as possible. I have a lot of good ones! I love this outfit on it! No one could tel that we were from Michigan. Unless you looked at my license plate. (haha)


Monica said...

I will be keeping your little man in my thoughts and prayers...