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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kadyn is taking steps

I was standing Kadyn up and he actually stood with me helping him of course. Then he took a step. Yes he took a step on his own. He thought it was funny...then he flopped on his butt. I was sooo excited that I hugged him very hard...this he thought was funny too. This is the first time I tried standing Kadyn up on his own and he did more then I expected. It was amazing!

I can tell you now I wish someone was home so I could of videotaped it, but no one was here. I will get it on video tape again.

WE are heading to Ohio until Monday. Kadyn is dressed in his Ohio state outfit, so he can blend in. :-)

Happy sweetest day everyone!


Kristen said...

I am so behind on my blog reading. I see I have several posts of yours to catch up on.

Hooray for Kadyn standing! I am just amazed! It's like he became such a big boy over night. Hopefully he'll do it again when someone is around to video tape it. That is a video I would love to see.

We would also love to see him in his Ohio State clothes. ;-)

I hope you're enjoying your weekend at your sister's.

Anonymous said...

HOORAY for your lil Superguy!!! What an accomplishment ~ once he gets mobile he will keep you hopping so be prepared! :-)