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Monday, October 26, 2009

The best letter I have ever recieved in the mail

Dear Kadyn Sterling,

Michigan Medicaid/Childrens Specail Health Care (CSHCS) has approved you for Kid Kart Express with Accessories, below are listed the specific procedure codes.

I am not going to list the codes because well I don't understand them, but Kadyn will have his specail chair/stroller in one. I am soo happy. I cried!

Kadyn is going to be able to sit up and enjoy the view more!

We are also talking to insurance about getting a van with a wheelchair lock and everything, so the kiddy cart can just be rolled into the vehicle and locked in..and we won't have to worry about a car seat anymore!


Anonymous said...

You so deserve this bit of great news!! Am so happy for Kadyn since that lil guy will benefit so much from this nifty equipment :-)