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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things are not looking better

Sleeping from 11pm-8am then from 9am to 3pm is not normal, and to me is too much. Not being able to open his eyes all the way, the seizure, and they are blaming it on his congestion right now. Although he has never acted this way when congested.

I am all sorts of confused, they told me if he isn't better by friday to bring him back. :-(


Stephanie said...

I'm sorry to hear that :( He'll be in my prayers.

TannaLee said...
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TannaLee said...

It's possible that a seizure, plus his other myriad illnesses (like the ear infection) have taxed his lil body quite a bit and the heavy sleeping is his body's way of trying to recuperate from all the recent activity... my not-quite-2-year-old sometimes does this when he's even not that much under the weather or just in general had a very very busy couple days in a row... I couldn't quite tell but is his medication already adjusted? If so, that might also be causing him to be a little out of it.
But as always, am so glad you are always so vigilant, and so wonderfully loving and caring for your lil boss man... no doubt he'll be back up and trying to walk circles around you soon!!

Kristen said...

Sara, I have been behind on my blog readings. I have been so busy. I got on tonight to catch up while the house is quiet and I finally have some free time. I am so sorry to hear Kadyn is not feeling well. I will be praying!