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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The long awaited picture post.

Kadyn was very sick boy, and still are some pictures from the hospital

That is how his eyes have been since his seizure.
excuse the booger on his nose haha
Red cheeks, poor baby
This is the day he came home

Over the weekend we went to my sisters house in Ohio, as promised here are the pictures of Kadyn in his Ohio State outfit! YAY!

Look Kristen and Mike and Cayman he is making an O haha!

He is such a sweet boy! He needs prayers though to get him better. I am calling his NS in the morning to see what course we are taking next. Sleeping through the night, and only staying awake for 5 hours during the day is not right for Kadyn. We will see what they say.


Lora said...

I know I don't comment often but I do read every post. Hope the wee guy feels better soon. He looks so sweet in his little outfit :) I was watching the video of his Daddy trying to help him, it really made me giggle. He really is just the cutest :)
Lora x

Tawnya said...

I know you don't know me, but I follow your blog b/c I too have a baby with hydrocephalus. Mine is 10 months old and everyday is an emotional journey that only a truly STRONG mommy can make. You are amazing and Kaydn is beautiful (in a boyish way-haha.) My prayers are with your beautiful son, you and your family every day. Enjoy every moment with him and give him extra kisses :) I also wanted to let youknow my son was sleeping like Kadyn after his shunt surgery. I truly think his body is trying as hard as possible to heal itself. (Of course now Trey NEVER sleeps-seriously like maybe 9 hours a day-Ugh!!!) These kids are so little yet so strong-they amaze me!! Let us know what the NS says. My prayers are with you-If you EVER need to talk, vent, or cry to a mommy going through a similar thing please feel free to e-mail me ;)

Kristen said...

We LOVE the Ohio State pictures! Especially the "O". :-)l